Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wisteria poll

Letter from Hugh Nourse:

Nature Rambler regulars know that the wisteria arbor rafters have become dangerously rotted. The Garden has to do something about it. I suggested that if they are going to fix the arbor we would like to see them take out the invasive, non-native Wisteria sinensis and replace it with a non-invasive native species, like Wisteria frutescens. Another position is that the W. sinensis came from Berckman's Orchard, now the site of the Augusta National Golf Club, and should be preserved. I suggested that it was an historical mistake to introduce this plant to the south and that we should not perpetuate it. The Garden is about conservation and this Wisteria is against all those principles.

We need to know what the Nature Ramblers think about this issue. Any letter we write to Dr. Nicholls needs to show how much our group cares about this issue. Please respond so that we will have the data to support our position.

To actually vote you must not only select one of the options, you must press the "Vote" button. When you do that your vote is counted and you get to see the cumulative votes so far. If you don't press the Vote button you haven't voted.

This poll will close in one week (midnight, May 29).

Thank you for participating!

Hugh Nourse

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  1. I agree with Ed and Sue Wilde -- the garden should take a leadership role in encouraging the use of native plants in the landscape -- and discouraging by their example.the use of invasive non-natives.


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