Monday, April 27, 2015

Ramble Report April 23 2015

Don Hunter's album of today's ramble can be found here.

Thirty-one ramblers met at the arbor at 8:30AM. 
Today's reading: Dale read a passage from Braiding Sweetgrass, Robin Wall Kimmerer's second book:

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ramble Report April 16 2015

This post was written Dale Hoyt. The photos are by Don Hunter; more photos from this ramble are here.

Sixteen people braved the chilly (for April) weather this morning and we had a wonderful time.

Today's reading:
Emily read a poem, Letter to the Sun, by Joyce Sidman, from Butterfly Eyes and other Secrets of the Meadow, 2006, Houghton Mifflin. It was perfectly appropriate after two overcast, chilly days in the middle of April.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


2018 Nature Rambles
Thursdays, March 1 thru Nov. 15

June through November: meet at 9:00AM

___  Updated June 26, 2018 ___
Our Inclement Weather Policy 
 If it is raining 30 minutes before the Ramble starts we will cancel the Ramble.
If rain begins during a Ramble we will immediately return to the Visitor Center.
If the weather is threatening, but not yet raining, bring suitable rain gear.




Beyond 1492: The Columbian Exchange
Dr. Benjamin Ehlers, UGA Department of History
Tuesday, July 17, 1:30 pm Gardenside Room
The State Botanical Garden of Georgia

The historian Alfred Crosby used the term Neo-Europes to describe the regions of the world flooded by European emigrants after 1492. North America, Australia, Argentina: these areas shared Europe's climate, but lacked the natural competitors to check the expansion of Old World flora and fauna. "Euro-Weeds,“ a word Crosby applied to animals and microbes as well as noxious plants, thrived in their new environment, as witnessed by the spread of peaches, oranges, and rye, as well as feral pigs and horses. Beyond the navigational skill of Columbus and the military acumen of Cortes, the European colonization of new worlds depended upon the propagation of crops, livestock, and diseases such as smallpox.

This presentation will begin with a discussion of Crosby's model, with reference to the voyages of Columbus and the Spanish conquest of Mexico. We will then proceed to the Heritage Garden to reflect upon the lasting results of the Columbian exchange in the American Southeast.


Friday, April 10, 2015

Ramble Report April 9 2015

This post was written by Hugh Nourse. Additional text was supplied by Dale and is in square brackets. The photos are by Don Hunter. You can find more of Don's photos of the ramble here. Please give Don the credit he deserves. His photographs add greatly to this blog. The three of us (Hugh, Dale and Don) hope that these posts are useful, informative and interesting.

[Note for new Ramblers: Check lists of plants in the natural areas of the Garden, Trail guides, Trail maps and other information of interest to Ramblers are linked to at this site.]
Twenty-three Ramblers met at 8:30AM at the arbor by the lower parking lot.  First we heard a poem by Ted Boss, The World is in Pencil,  read by Scott Mason.  Bob Ambrose followed with a recitation of one of his recent poems: Your Life is a Fractal Shadow.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Ramble Report April 2 2015

Thirtyone Ramblers assembled for our walk today.

This post was written by Dale Hoyt. The photos are by Don Hunter. You can find more of Don's photos of the ramble here. (I hope you'll all give Don the credit he deserves. His photographs are wonderful and he works as hard as any of us to make these posts useful, informative and, we hope, interesting.)

Hugh announced that our fellow ramblers, Ed and Sue Wilde, have been selected for this year's Alec Little Environmental Award for their many years of labor in removing invasive plants from public areas in Athens (the Botanical Garden and Memorial Park). We salute you, Ed and Sue! (This year's award will be presented April 17 at the annual GreenFest Awards Ceremony at Flinchum's Phoenix.)

The reading this week was sung by Jackie Elsner. Jackie has adapted many poems by Byron Herber Reece, a north Georgia poet, to a cappella voice.